Disponibile oggi la nuova patch di Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, per PlayStation 4 e Xbox One. La patch peserà 700MB, e andrà a risolvere bug e bilancerà le varie skill.

Possiamo andare ad analizzare nel dettaglio:


  • Fixed issue where a particular challenge quest could not be completed depending on the combination of the avatar race or build
  • Fixed issue where player data is not successfully carried over
  • Fixed issue where an error occurs when asking Shenron for a wish
  • Minor bug fixes

Balanced Skills

  • Justice Combination
  • Neo Wolf Fang Fist
  • Feint Shot
  • Dragon Fist
  • Sayan Spirit
  • x20 Kaioken Kamehameha
  • Dust Attack
  • Solar Flare
  • All Clear
  • God of Destruction’s Anger
  • Meteor Crash
  • Phantom Fist
  • Prelude to Destruction
  • Final Blow
  • Dodoria Headbutt
  • Super Dragon Fist
  • God Breaker
  • Flash Bomber
  • Burning Spin
  • Reverse Mabakusenko
  • Go-Go Gum